The Outcome on Jason W. Ellsworth, Montana Magazine Subscription Scammer

It just goes to show you what you can do with social media if you know how. I wrote blogs on this guy, I posted on all the scam complaint sites, I sent to the regional Better Business Bureau Site. I outed him on a bunch of local forums in the Missoula area, including the town forum for the small town where he lives. I wrote and called the magazines and publishing companies–Esquire, ESPN, Outside, Men’s Journal, Hearst, etc.I used my knowledge of SEO to ensure that searches involving this guy would turn up both my accounts and information incriminating him–it turns out that he has been doing this kind of thing for about ten years in both Montana and Florida, where he also apparently has a residence. To put it mildly, I went after him and his companies–US Magazine Services, Big Sky Periodicals, Your Magazines, Periodicals and so on and on. They all score an F from the BBB and the FTC has taken actions against most of them. When one of them gets too hot, he opens a new one. 

As I told you, they called me telling me that they had cancelled my subscription. I told them that refunding my money might make me stop. I did not lie–I am an English major and "might" is not the same as "will." 
Looking around these days, and considering my own experience in the corporate world, I would say that the business environment is increasingly amoral–and, in the cases like Jason W. Ellsworth downright sociopathic. And the regulatory agencies and justice departments seem remarkably ineffective in dealing with them. But we can fight back, particularly using social media. It is remarkably effective in outing a scoundrel like this one. If you don’t believe me just search "Jason W. Ellsworth" Montana. We can fight back and, whenever I run across a corrupt person and/or company, I intend to do so–and I hope you will too.

About bookmarc

I have spent my 61 years doing new things and I guess I have not stopped yet. I ran treatment centers for disturbed children and adolescents. I was involved in developing modern crisis management techniques. I ran crisis management teams, working closely with the police, and taught crisis management techniques including disarms and passive physical restraint--until my back started giving out. I worked as a professional freelance writer, specializing in human services and social causes--particularly disablities issues. I was chief writer for the award-winning People with Disabilities magazine. I then got involved in Internet interactivity, building several online communities for various human services groups and organizations. Eight years ago, I got involved with Advance Internet, the Internet arm of the Newhouse newspaper group. I built and ran the first real online workplace I know of, working with some 35 people on Interactive content on ten websites from New Jersey to Oregon, all affiliated with major papers like the Star Ledger, the Times Picayune, The Plain Dealer, the Oregonian and so on. I innovated with adding good multimedia content to blogs, particularly involving pets, another one of my favorite subjects. I was considered the guru of interactivity and was one of the keynote speakers on the subject at the 2007 Online News Association in Toronto. Recently, as you know, the wheels came off the industry, and, like most of the others, they followed a cost-cutting strategy, causing the quality of their content to trend downwards. They also seem to think that adding new bells and whistles will get them new audience--not, as I believe, interesting stuff to read, listen to and view. Anyway, I was one of the costs they cut and I am moving back to my first loves--writing and innovating. I will be working on an online community organizing strategy for a new disability group--Next Step. In short, I am back to doing things I believe in with people I believe in, as opposed to the usual corporate weasels. They may have done me a favor, though I doubt that they would admit it.
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One Response to The Outcome on Jason W. Ellsworth, Montana Magazine Subscription Scammer

  1. B. says:

    Could you please tell me how to get my money back? I am a student that was scammed and I am so concerned about my finances. They talked so fast and I made such a DUMB mistake but I definitely learned from it. I’m worried because they record the phone calls and I was swindled so I don’t really know what exactly I agreed to, but they won’t let me cancel and won’t refund me. Please help with what to do. I’m going to talk to the BBB but I’m $100 out now, and I would love to have that back considering that I really have no income but if this continues I’ll be out much, much more.


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